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SCT410.3 converted to Mini MT410 Basher???


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I have a brand new SCT 410.3 Kit that I would like to turn into a mini MT10, with mx28 badlands.

I’m a rookie at building kits but I want something almost exact to the TX’s Tek Custom Rcs

build with the wide stance look, and tires outside of the body. What parts do I need to complete this mini MT10 build from the SCT kit? 2.8 Tires, 17mm Hex Adapters, Hex extenders???

TX’s Tek Custom Rcs mentioned a bucking issue in his first video, but then to fix the problem he installed a MT410 shock tower in the front along with SCT rear shocks in the front. Is this necessary?

Also please let me know of any upgrades that you would make for bashing purposes. I’m not a hard basher and I don’t plan on launching it off high jumps. Thanks so much Tekno Community!!!

Billl DeLong

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The only reason why he put the rear tower/shocks on the front was to allow the chassis to bottom out on the front when using the over size wheels which significantly increases ground clearance. If you are taking small jumps then chances are the stress placed on the stock front shocks will be okay, but large jumps will probably cause damage around the front bulkhead area without upgrading to longer shocks.

I would run the stock parts first and then wait to do the upgrade only if you are experiencing problems.

Good Luck!

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