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410.3 SCT-MT and EB/ET 2.0 Creative Bashing Upgrades


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So for all of you who are into the awesome performance gains provided by the Tekno line of vehicles... and are also a bit mechanically inclined. Thought I'd start my own thread here showing the improvements and approach I've used on my own Tekno vehicles. Stay tuned as I slowly get my posts up. Please feel free to comment and post your own mods that have added performance and durability to any Tekno vehicles in their line-up!

Breakdown of my builds since May of 2020:
-1st was 410.3 SCT (Became my original Turtle Basher)
-2nd a second 410.3 SCT(Build to become my dedicated SCT racer.. But sold to support my new EB48 2.0 Project)
-3rd a MT410 to become my evolving prototype Super Turtle basher
-4th is an EB48 2.0, Still in build process but should not be that far out(Today is 7/10/21). Life is just busy.

First know I'm one of those OCD guys that just likes things well made and not over engineered.. M2C upgrades are well made but not the most efficiently designed (add to much weight for their added strength) on most of their chassis braces/stiffeners. Great products so not bashing on them, just prefer a more refined approach.

I put cosmetics a far second to reliable and fun performance! I want my RC's to work all the time, down time and broken parts put a real damper on a trip to our local bash/race spots. Takes time to plan/organize a get together not to mention 20-50 minutes here in Montana for me to get there! I want be bashing/racing (thus lots of laughter and giggles) the whole time... not fixing them. I also want to have the best performing vehicles possible.. thus the reason I've gravitated to Tekno.

Attached are a few pics highlighting my unique custom mods. Have to get to my day so no descriptions on them yet but will get there.
Version1Cage6.23.19.JPG 20-SCTsnowTurtleA.JPG 20-SCTsnowTurtleB.JPG 20-SCTstreet.jpg 21-MT410CustChassisBrace:GearBoxA.jpg 21-MT410BraceInPlaceL.jpg 21-MT410BraceInPlaceR.jpg
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