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Question about SCT410 vs EB48.4


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Fort Worth, TX
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Wanted to get some opinions on car choice.

Couple things to consider:
- I don’t race, and will not be putting this car on a track (maybe occasionally but not much).
- I’m more interested in speed than jumping/bashing.
- Either car would be turned into a desert buggy type. With an EB I might switch it up between the DB and EB style but with the SCT it’d be fairly permanent.
- I don’t really like the look of the traditional SCT body.
- I want to be able to run 4s and/or 6s Lipo

So I’m curious as to what opinions people would have about my best choice. Also, does the SCT have more ground clearance than the EB?


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EB410, EB48, SCT410, ET410
I wouldn't recommend the SCT on 6s due to the lighter drive line, the EB can handle 6s.
SCT has narrower arms than the EB, something you may want to consider.
Buggy will probably be more stable at faster speeds because of the wider stance.


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Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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If you are mostly interest in speed then I’d consider the EB48.4 over anything else. You can get street tires for it and get it setup lower to the ground and do speed runs.

I will say that if you are looking for just one RC it might be difficult to find one that you can do speed runs with and use as a DB. They are both setup very differently. Different tires, mounts, etc.

Billl DeLong

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Austin, TX
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EB410, EB48, ET48, SCT410, ET410
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+1 to all the advice given

for 6S speed runs on asphalt I would only use belted GT8 tires on 17mm hex with slicks, SCT tires tend to balloon too much so I would stay away from 12mm hex SCT wheels just for that reason alone.


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Another thing to consider, and I own both the SCT.3 and EB.4, is the EB comes stock with a faster gear ratio. So using the same motor/pinion gears, the EB will be faster. It also comes stock with all the upgraded aluminum and delrin shock parts and the heavier duty drivetrain parts like others have mentioned. I ordered all the same upgraded shock parts for SCT when i got it as well as a couple sets of delrin pistons, and along with the aluminum diff housing i was near the same price as the EB costs. Lastly, the EB comes with the longer shocks that the ET uses, so it has noticeably better suspension on rough terrain. I run both mine on 4s, and I would never consider running 6s on the SCT. The pins and drive cups would wear out too fast and even 4s with the 2650kv motor I have is WAY overpowered now lol. The EB with a 25 tooth pinion with my LiHV 4s batteries easily goes close to 80mph, so if that's what you are after, I would go with the EB.

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