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410SL ProStar Bulkheads


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  1. EB48
  2. ET410
  3. SCT410
Hmm. I wonder why ProStar gave a sneak peek, of their soon to be released bulkheads, only on the SCT410SL group?

In any case, dishing out $115 for one bulkhead... no thank you. I'll run stock bulkheads. I'd be willing to pay something closer to $60 for something anodized black, or Tekno gun metal.
Great looking part. I can see why it costs so much - must be a ton of milling to make a part with so many curves. But at that price point, i'll definitely stick with the plastic parts.
I totally get that they are a new on the scene, USA milled blocks of aluminum, designed to fix something that some people are experiencing, but dang. Before I'd jump onboard, I'd also want to see testing/reports done by others with only the small EB/ET410 & SCT410SL rear brace.

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