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410SL One Is Not Enough

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I was originally planning on buying a second SCT410SL, because I've enjoyed the first one so much during the past year. Then the 2.0 came out... my focus was owning that platform. I don't normally buy used RCs, but, for the right price, I will make considerations. Thanks to a RC Tech forum/SCT410SL group member, a new/never ran SL platform has made the coast to coast journey to central PA.

I had been eyeballing the for sale item since new years day. I thought for sure the SCT410SL would have been picked up by someone before I had a chance to get one of my SC10s sold. I love "the build" of new kits. So much enjoyment of sitting down at night and turning a few screws to make my a person's day complete. Even though the SL was built by seller, it has not seen "any action", and was at the right price... I couldn't pass it up.
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That is almost a truggy correct?

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