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48.4 Oil is the new oil


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Since getting my secondhand eb48 I have found that while good on the track it is really hard to drive no matter which setup I tried.
Today I decided to try new oil in the diffs and started with the center one.
It was nearly empty and a leak had coated the surrounding areas in gunk.
I was basically runnin G an open diff LMFAO.
And now I need a new diff (well many parts as I'm not sure what's causing the leak).

Billl DeLong

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It's generally a good idea to replace the fluids in your diffs and shocks as well as apply fresh grease on all rubber seals once every 20-25 battery packs. At the same time you want to clean and inspect all your bearings, replace any that are crunchy/frozen, then clean any bearings that are in decent shape... use a hobby knife to remove the rubber seals and flush them with some WD40-Dry Lube PFTE spray, then pack with fresh lube, I use Lucas Assembly Lube and then put the rubber seals back on. I also use Green Grease brand grease to repack all the rubber seals on the out drives and shock cartridges.

Eventually the grease will thin and break down which will cause leaky diffs/shocks. If you go too long without proper service then you risk tearing rubber seals and seizing a bearing.... a worn bearing can cause excessive heat and melt plastic parts. If you ever get a seized bearing on any of the hubs, then you need to replace the hub, otherwise you'll wear the bearings very quickly again if you reuse the slightly worn (melted) plastic hubs.

If you don't know the guy you bought a used car from, then I would do a complete rebuild and inspect for any parts that need to be replaced, then re-start the count for when you need to perform the next service interval.

I know some drivers who do a complete rebuild after every race day... I personally go 3-4 race days between rebuilds.


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I change my center diff oil every 10 packs or so, and the front and rear diffs every 15 packs, along with the shock oil. Probably overkill, but i just enjoy the maintenence side of the hobby too.
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