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410 2.0 Nosedives - my new favorite car lets me down in the jumps. she dives hard

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SCT 410 2.0 nosedives of jumps! Help I'M from Michigan and my new favorite car lets me down in the jumps (she dives hard)
I find mine tends to nosedive a bit too if i dont stay on the throttle all the way off the jump. My track doesnt have any really big jumps though, just a few smaller ones. If i remember to throttle through the jump and let off right at landing, it seems to fly great!
Another thing to consider is the body. The body plays a huge role in the handling characteristics of SC trucks.
I really am at a loss of setup tips and/or ideas on the subject. People have been trying to track down that magical formula every since the SCT410 came out. Everything from battery tray mod, to 0° of anti-squat, to front arm sweep... I honestly think it's the approach more than anything. And then to hear people having "nose diving" issues with the SCT410SL... a lot of times I got to tap the brakes to correct things. Though not as often, the same goes for my 2.0 and other SCT410 rides mid-flight-finger-controllin' good times.

I ain't going to lie, I have my share of lawn darting, and thankfully it happens (I don't have any down ramps to help soften the blows) with only 3~4'max heights. My 1/8 scale buggy and truggy may get 5' of airtime as I drive them more aggressively. My track being an outdoor low maintenance type, it changes everyday when rain comes and goes. Little/big bumps form, get worn down as times goes by. How much I'm on the throttle, as I come up on an obstacle, can change daily as well. Again, good or bad, I don't have a gap I need to overcome.

I never went with the box stock setup on my SCT410 2.0, because I .... just because. Setting up the suspension soft enough to handle the bumps/ruts, and yet have enough pack to handle the landings can be tricky. Messin' around with the suspension for one particular obstacle usually hurts handling elsewhere so keep that in mind as you are testing your new springs, and shock oil weight transferring setups to match your driving style.

Good luck!
My SCT 410.3 jumps magnificently. I have the green springs on the front and the orange springs on the rear. ( I can't remember what shock oil weight). It jumps very evenly. I do let off the throttle right before I get to the crest of the jump.

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