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Need Help Selecting Tires

Billl DeLong

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Austin, TX
Tekno RC's
  1. EB410
  2. EB48
  3. ET48
  4. ET410
  5. MT410
  6. SCT410
Driving Style
All I know is that the ET410 uses AE offset, no idea what that translates to with the wheels you selected there, just make sure they can fit the T5M as an example and then you're good to go ;)


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Looks to be a bit of a low profile for stadium truck, most stadium truck tires are about four inches in diameter and 1/10 buggies are usually about three and a half inches. The ones in the link if I read correctly are three inches OD.

It's also listed as 1/16 scale in the description. Don't know what's up with that?

I'd call Amain on that one unless someone else here has them...
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