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Narrow hub options?


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Hi, I have a sct410.3 with the 17mm conversion (that's the way I bought it and like it for tire choice/price reasons). But the track width I'd like to bring back to SCT width. I believe that's what TKR5569 is for but can't find them in stock close to me right now. Could I use some other similar 17mm hubs? Arrma, Traxxas? The axle diameter and pin dimensions seem to be pretty standardised across the 1/8 buggy world from what I've seen. Just choose some that have the pin going through the hex which makes them narrower.


Edit: how about this? In stock and on sale. But the axle hole diameter seems thicker compared to my current ones (and the arrma lineup). TKR9674 for the 2.x EB48/NB48 etc...

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Scratch that, I just realised that the inside diameter is much narrower. Guess I'll have to find the original hexes.
The parts are in stock at Amain and also direct from Tekno.
Yup, and I'm in Europe. Really don't feel like paying 50% extra and waiting for God knows how long. :)

I just thought I'd snag them on sale from Germany but realised that they wouldn't work. I can probably get the right ones from Microspeed.

A shame that Tekno uses scte offset, I used to run Louise and MedialPro tires on my Slash, cheap and well performing. Buggy tires are also cheap and abundant but, with the default 17mm hubs, also too wide. But it's a small price to pay for upgrading from a Slash :)
I made the mistake of thinking I could use Tekno 2.x hub adapters on my TC and Arrma 1/8.. not exactly. The pin that secures the adapter to the stub axle is bigger, say 3mm vs the xx.3 that were 2 or 2.5mm not sure but they're different.
I drilled the stub axles on my TC kronos to fit the Tekno pieces. They work, no real benefit that I can tell though..
I was trying to get rid of the slop between the adapter and stub. Worked for a while but I have freeplay yet again now..🤷‍♂️
Yup, and I'm in Europe. Really don't feel like paying 50% extra and waiting for God knows how long. :)
Have a look here www.rprcdistribution.com 👍🏼
This is the UK Tekno supplier, maybe he will ship to you cheaper and quicker than getting from the states ??
Great guy, I use them all the time..

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