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My understeer is becoming painful


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so ive gone through numerous setups, diff oils, shock adjustments, ride height, etc and starting to really give up on trying to resolve my understeering problem... my car just doesnt want to turn,,, turn in sucks, and power on sucks... im losing 3-4 seconds a lap, but luckily due to alot of hard work and prep able to finish my races... what things can i try to focus on to get my car to turn? tried 3k,4k,5k in front, 4k,5k,6k,7k in center, and 3k4k,5k in rear... droop settings, shock settings... im pretty much trying all kinds of setups, different tires, tire compounds, tried thicker sway bars, the only thing that seems to resolve it are thin diff fluids which make my car really squirrely under speed which takes away my confidence.. the thicker bars seemed to help me from flipping so i know traction is there... nb 48 2.1
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Assuming you're on good tires, make sure your servo saver is tightened down enough. Also, make sure you're actually getting max throw from your servo by correctly setting your radio endpoints.

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