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My Tekno MT410 build


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Hey everyone. Thought I’d share a few snaps of my M2C game changer chassis build. Great quality and everything went together well.

Running a Max 8 2200kv but previously ran my Tekin 1900kv which might go back in yet. Drives like a little tank and seems to handle hits like one too. I built this car up due to issues with the standard chassis not liking my driving style, or maybe that should be my lack of talent and sympathy.

Cheers to everyone who shares tips and tricks on the forum. For many years good old captain google would send me here for the solutions to my RC woes....



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Looks good, Can't wait to get my hands on one myself and build the kit.


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I have melted too many deans connections to ever use that style again.

XT90's for the win!
I purchased a 4s lipo 75c with xt60 connectors would this be okay to run in a mt410 with 2200kv mamba monster max? think i messed up ordering that smh ty


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Those are still better than a deans connector. They are smaller vs of xt90's.

Depending on the batteries and your driving style the xt60 may be just fine.

But if you have a heavy throttle finger and big ole tires on your truck you may want to upgrade the connectors eventually.


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Building my truck very similar to yours now. All the M2C goodies. (Not the chassis... yet) hobbywing combo, savox 2290 and badlands.
And I use XT 150 battery connectors on everything. Slash to XMaxx

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