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My 6s Tekno MT410

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RC Bass

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Hello everyone,

After multiple setup test, i ended with:
(all stock, just a little piece of m2c racing on the rear tower)

motor Supass Hobby taurus 4274 1500kv (88amp, max 32v/2800w)
Tekno 16 tooth pinion, stock plastic 44 spur (have the metal 44 and 46)
ESC Hobbywing max8 150amp (punch 3/5, 27% brake)
servo SRT dl5015 waterproof (15kg/0.13s)
Badland's 3.8 (150mm good size, light) on 0 offstet rim (desperado with 1/2 offstet not look good, too wide)
Lipo 6s WSLine 4800mah 50c (595g)
unbreakable Chevrolet C10 body by Probodyrc (black)

A little more power than a 4s 2200kv but much more runtime, wIth that setup i can bash for 25min to 35min (with one lipo, even more if i am not hard on throttle), there is no secret, more volt with less kv=less amp draw, more runtime.

I have many m2c upgrade but removed them, i don't need them for my bash spot and it added a lot of weight.
I also have the popular Backflip 6s tire (172mm), but too big and too heavy.

With my current set up, truck with lipo is ~ 4.8kgs

I tried motor tppower 1280kv 4082, very good, crazy strong magnet but esc neet to be relocated, i like the easy maintenance with default esc position, the Hobbywing ezrun 4274 2200kv, way too much for 6s, even with a 15t pinion.

With my first setup (backflip tire, tp motor, m2c upgrade) i bent 2 rear tower, the litlle driveshaft, a front driftshaft and broke the plastic top steering plate. No more break with my current setup.

And now the pics:


My bash spot:
It was totally my fault, crazy triple backflip, frontflip, with big tire it can be out of control. I'm more careful now. I have only 2 6s lipo so my priority is the runtime, with 4s it's a little too slow with the 1500kv and 16t.
(I know the car i s dusty/rusty, big maintenance scheduled for late summer)
Nice truck!
What 0 offset rim do you use ?
Thanks !
Hy, have me for my upcoming MT410 build ordered the TPPower 6D 1650KV engine, and want to use the ProLine Trencher LP 3.8, but am undecided which pinion I should use, tend to 20-21 or even more ..24 if necessary!
The engine will be cooled with two high speed (27000rpm) 40mm fans, and the ECS with a 30 fan with the same speed!
The top speed should give so around the 90km / h but the pull and acceleration in the low range or when starting is the most important, because would like to be able to make a standing and driving BackFlip!


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