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MT410- Wow!!!


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I have been building rc trucks for about 3 years and have a small collection consisting of an Ecx Amp, solid axle axial wraith MT, axial Yeti, a couple of savages, one nitro, one electric and a few Tamiya cars. I joined the Tekno family after finding the MT410 kit that needed to be built (my biggest selling point as I love building them).

Well this week I got to learn how to drive all over again! This truck is an amazing! I have never experienced handling like this with any of my other rc trucks. I used it to “run” my dog yesterday and I was completely blown away. A few times I thought I pushed to hard and expected the truck to crash hard into the fence but no! The MT felt like it turned on a dime and had traction when my other trucks just flew into the fence. The power is out of this world, I am so impressed. I’m runnimg castle mamba monster X 2200kv with 18 pinion. It’s the same electronics that were in my savage flux but it feels like a completely different system. In my unprofessional opinion this power system in a lot better suited in the MT410! I took it to the new track they are building in town and I got to learn how to take jumps all over. The MT410 seems to float off the jump and from my experience I don’t need to give any extra throttle to keep the nose up!!! I did pushed it past my comfort and gave it full throttle off a jump and landed a double back flip!!!! After all my fun this week I don’t have any parts to replace!

I’m One very happy camper!



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Well you find it more stable and it handles better because its basically a slightly shorter version of the Tekno truggy, which is a very capable racer, with bigger tires. Same chassis layout, same length arms/shocks etc. It just doesnt come with some of the higher end aluminum parts... The shorter wheelbase allows you to do more stunts such as the flips and wheelies, but does actually take away some handling. Before i ordered my ET48.3 last fall, i thought about getting the MT410 and adding the longer ET chassis, but figured if i just got the ET plus the wider hubs, i would have exactly what i would have spent more money to build, plus all the extra goodies that the ET comes with. I too was so impressed with it i ended up ordering a SCT410.3 and EB48.4 a couple weeks later haha. Love me some Tekno!!

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