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MT410 still has life ahead of it?


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Hi All,

The mt410 has been out for a long time. I am thinking of getting one, but wondering about possible replacements coming out from Tekno. Is it accurate to think that all the pieces for the "MT410 2.0" (in theory) exist because the EB48 2.1 and ET48 2.0 are out? So the short chassis and long arms are available... not sure if everything just 'goes together' that easily... but thought I'd ask the experts. Does anyone have opinions (or knowledge, looking at you, Mr. Armeni) about whether the MT410 is going to be around for a long while in its current form, or is going to get updated relatively soon?

We will continue to support all of our discontinued vehicles for as long as customers continue to buy parts for them. You can still buy parts for our EB/NB48.2 buggies which are 9+ years old.

If you want to make a short chassis ET48 2.0 it's definitely possible. Just use the EB48 2.0 chassis, not the 2.1. The 2.1 was revised for the new C and D blocks and won't match up well with the truggy parts.

Also, if we were making new MT's based on the ET48, we'd probably call it a MT48 this time around. A new MT410 would be based a replacement for the SCT410.3 since that's closer to what the market refers to as "10th" scale.

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