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Motor choice..?


So here I am, I'm Tiny Rick..!!!
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Would this motor "Tekin Redline T8 GEN2 4038 1550kV" be ok running on 6s, I was told it only works on 5s max..!! 🤔
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Tekin list it as 5s only..!!
It's kv means it will almost certainly be ok to run on 6S, Tekin will under rate it to cover their backs and because most Tekin stuff is for racing so they expect you to run 4S most of the time and say that with 4S gearing, 5S would be the max you would want to run on it.

Also bear in mind that to get decent speed out of that motor on 6S you are going to want to gear it relatively high, due to the average size of the motor (40*77mm) it probably won't cope with too high gearing and may overeat. May be worth trying though at that price!


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I run this same motor in my MT410 on 6s. It's very quick and powerful. I think I have a 16 tooth pinion on it. I only have to worry about temps when ambient rises above 85 degrees or so. I'm in Louisiana and it's humid here. I can get through a 4k mAh pack usually. Most of my running is park stuff with wide-open throttle runs. No hills here, just flat spaces. 🙄

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