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Klappars’s ET48.3 build


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I have now finished my ET48.3 build.

The build went perfectly as expected and was easier than I was expecting although I have plenty of experience working on RC cars.

The parts used on the car as as follows:

Hobbywing max8 ESC on a custom mount

Hobbystar 4082 1600kv motor geared 17/44

JX CLS-HV7323MG 23kg. 0.12 sec @ 7.4v

Arrma katar wheels/tyres

Tamiya pure orange and black paint for the bodyshell

Running 4S and 6S batteries. Gens ace and Turnigy Graphene

I built the car as per the instructions and the only thing I can see myself wanting to change are the diff and shock oils. I will try 50k oil in the centre diff as the front wheels spin up a lot on 6S.

The car drives beautifully, without a doubt the best I have ever owned. It seems to just float over terrain rather than crashing over it and it has so much control and precision to it which gives you a lot of confidence.

It also handles 6S power very well as the car remains controlled and rarely wheelies or cartwheels due to too much power.

I look forward to driving it more and will remain active on these forums!

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Welcome! Liking the ESC Mount!

I’m with ya, the ET just handles so much differently over the rough stuff and in the air.

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