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410.3 Just a parts overview


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Vancouver, Bc, Canada
I thought it’d be kinda cool to just lay out the sheer number of parts required to get one of these vehicles on the road (or road-like-surface). I don’t know if anyone else cares, but I’ve been taking a snap of each bag (include the d-bag ;) - just for you, Bill) laid out as they do in several blogs/videos. My mind goes to James May’s lovely show “the reassembler [ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuh7fLkPCszJ3AQOHNccGow ]

I’m not quite done with my build but when I am I plan to stick the bits together as a large images to showcase the immense amount of work required to create these lovey little things. My 9-yo daughter and I are LOVING the build (even if I did have to reassemble the front diff 12-14 times to get it smooth enough for my tastes...)

why is this hobby so addictive?!

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