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I'm trying to figure out the tires. I am having an issue finding 1/10 Truggy tires as none are labeled truggy, just short course and stadium.

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I am new to 10th scale racing and I am having issues differentiating which tires are truggy as they are labeled shirt course or stadium truck. Please help this old man.
From the manual...

2.2" stadium truck tires, or, if using SC wheels, you'll want 2.2/3.0" SC tires.
To add on this, I would stay with ST wheels/tires only, I have experimented with SCT wheels and they would prove to be a disadvantage in all terrains from carpet/turf/dirt/low/med/high grip

The ONLY advantage SCT wheels offered where ability to self marshal but at the expense of a significantly slower truck, if you want to be competitive then stick with ST wheels.

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