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Ideas for wiring layout

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  1. EB48
I am test fitting my esc into my chassis tub and am running into an issue. The esc is an XR8 Pro G2 and and the on/off switch and receiver wires have a small rubber seal that sticks out a little. The way I want to mount it is with the external capacitors towards the outside plastic, not inside toward the main drive shaft. I don't want to remove the seal and compromise the electronics inside. What I was thinking was maybe dremel a small slot in the plastic side wide enough to let the wires stick out a little then fold them back over to the inside to run down to the receiver box. Once it's all in place and looks good and clean I was thinking of a small piece of black Gorilla tape to cover it up. Thoughts?
Sometimes things just work out. I've read a lot where people have been using at least two layers of double sided tape to install their esc's in these things for a little shock protection. Well what do you know: the thickness of two layers of tape was just enough to position the rubber wire seal just above the top edge of the plastic side so no dremel needed. Installed the motor to the mount and once it was in the soldering tabs are perfectly straight on top, 12 o'clock. Nice.

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