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How I beefed up the body posts and made them stop breaking


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I'm sure you guys are aware of the issue with the MT410 body posts where if you bash hard they like to crack and snap off. I recently figured out a great way to stop this from happening with very little modification. It also works even better with my personal favorite body for the MT410 - The Proline 2017 Ford F150 Raptor Body.


So step 1 is you cut the fender flares off of the body as well as the lower part of the front bumper. (I only cut off the lower part of the front bumper because it catches on obstacles and tries to cause rips). Cutting off the fender flares allows you to lower the body without the Camber Turnbuckles coming up and hitting the body at full suspension compression.
8 (6).jpg

Step 2 is lower your rear body posts all the way to the top hole, this decreases the leverage placed on them and in my experience makes them never break again.
8 (7).jpg

For the front posts you want to lower them down almost all the way, to the second hole starting from the top. On top of doing this I also reinforced them with E6000, I did a coating of it all the way down to the first hole and inside the first hole. Ever since I did this they stopped breaking completely.
8 (2).jpg

The end result is perfect for everything I want. I have an indestructible body, indestructible body posts, and the body is lowered down as far as you can lower it, which gives me the look that I want and gets rid of the ugly gap between the chassis and the body. Also this body is quite good for self-righting, which is important to me.


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I just shoved some 5/16 lag bolts through the square body post mount holes and "pressed" them in with a pair of pliers. Had to do some minor trimming, drill a hole for the pin, call it a day.


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I know the MT410 with the bigger wheels and tires is heavier than my SCT410.3, but I have run the Tekin 1/8 RX8 / 1900kv motor combo on big 6500mah Protek 4s packs since day 1 2.5 years ago and have destroyed 5 bodies from flat.landing on the roof, nose, tail etc. Like completely destroyed my first body the first day I took the truck to my local track. Anyway, I havent had any issues with the body mounts cracking or breaking. They are worn amd I have replaced the front bumper, but I thought because of the flex that they had that it would be hard to break them, even on the MT. When I purchased the kit in August of 2018 I even ordered a extra bodymount set and its still in the sealed by Tekno package lol.
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