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Help me decide on ESC and motor for EB48 2.1


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I’m looking to build a eb48 2.1 and have all the car and some extras in my shopping cart but keep changing my mind about the Esc and motor.
I have decided to go Hobbywing but flip flop between Xr8 plus or Xr8 pro. I don’t know much about these new electronics but know enough that I can’t make a decision. I know the plus has more amps and can go higher on bec. I know the pro is more tunable. I think they both handle 2-6s batteries. I’m also thinking with my lack of experience I may not notice the .01 servo speed change from 7.4 to 8. Whatever bec. I have found videos on using the it’s to tune and it looks to be useful but can’t find anything on how tunable the plus is. The track I wil race on is mostly a lot of tight turns with quick blasts to big jumps. The one straight is 75 feet probably.
Please tell me what might be best and why.
Yes I have talked to a few people there and I don’t think anyone has the same thing
You're over thinking it.

Plus will be perfectly fine for traditional 2000KV setup on 4S which the majority of sportsman drivers do.

Pro is better suited for an expert driver that is running 2400KV on 4S with softened settings to get more speed without cooking the electronics. If you haven't developed throttle control yet then packing this much punch will cause you to blow corners and run slower lap times than you would with a 2000KV motor.

Slower is faster generally, once you start hitting 99% runs, then you might be ready for 2400KV with advanced Pro settings which take a lot of trial and error. If you haven't developed the skills to know what works for you or not then you'll be far better off with 2000KV.

Best of luck!

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