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First build ET48/Los Angeles Groups

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Los Angeles, CA
Tekno RC's
  1. ET48
Hello! I’ve posted one question here before and got some great help. I am fairly new to RC and I love it! I took the Et48 out to El Nido this morning for the first real run and it was a blast. Track was moist still and lots of big puddles so I couldn’t really do any laps but man it’s so much fun to drive and can’t wait to really run this. I am definitely keen on racing this and not bashing. I have some traxxas stuff I like to use for that with my kids.

Anyway for the electronics I went with the Tekin setup with the 2000kv motor and RX8. Protek170SBL servo and a futaba radio system T 4pm plus. Tossed in the 17t pinion to start with. I have buckshots on it but I also have a set of backflips as well. The chassis is mostly all stock settings except I reduced the front toe a bit to -1. I think out of the box it was closer to -3 degrees

I know there is a group that meets on Saturdays at around noon at El Nido. But I alwso wanted to reach out about other tracks and racing ops? I know there is a track in Santa Clarita I plan to go to but if there are other groups around or places I wouldn love to check it out! We live in Koreatown so I know most things will be a bit of a drive and that’s fine.

I’ve also been getting into the mini z stuff at the shop up the road.

Would love to meet some folks out here!

Here are some pictures of the build before I got it dirty!

Thank you!!!


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Thank you so much for this! I am sure I will see you around!

Got to really run it yesterday at el nido. Had so much fun

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