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First build eb48 2.0


Tekno RC Staff
Tekno RC Staff
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Three spacers, two 2mm and one 1mm, for 5mm total. If you use more than that the suspension will bind up, it's better for it to be a little too loose versus a little too tight.


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Brisbane, Australia
Tekno RC's
Ok slowly Getting there now trying to work out what way im going to mount the ESC as the power button isnt very long on the HW XR8 so might limit my options.

A - i like this the most due to having straightish cables from motor to ESC but the power button blocks motor mount (will have to move it everytime not sure if an issues)

B - Different length cables to motor (shrugs), than run button under motor to that corner not sure if motor heat will melt it or not though ?

C - button can go were i want it and cable doesnt have to run under motor, but not sure about cross cables from ESC to Motor ?

What are peoples thoughts




Tekno RC Staff
Tekno RC Staff
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I would choose B as it allows more room between the motor and the esc for chassis flex. The mudguard is cutout there specifically to fit that esc in that direction. I also wouldn't run the switch wire under the motor because it could get pinched. Next to the motor or behind the motor like you have it pictured is probably the best spot for the switch.

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