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Finally finished and its amazing


Had a great time bashing and out running my rottweiler yesterday. Specs and pics below. Thank you to all on the forum who helped get my questions answered

Now to find some jumps...

Protek 155T servo
DBoots backflips
Castle MMX
Arrma 2050kv Kraton motor
Futaba 4pl transmitter
15t pinion gear
Proline Baja bug body
Gens Ace 4s LiPo Battery 45C (14.8V/5500mAh

Aftermarket bits:
F/R TBR bumpers +wheelie wheels
TBR rear mud guards
M2C chassis brace + rear support
M2C go big or go home rear brace/tower
M2C shock caps
Tekno steel spurred 44t
Tekno metal servo arm


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