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Even ROAR thinks the new bodies are too ugly to exist

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Seriously, this rule will most likely be enforced for 1 race and when not enough entries sign up for that 1 race then ROAR will fold like a cheap suit and business will go back to normal.

I doubt many clubs will eliminate the Bruggy bodies because it comes down to getting racers to show up and if they tell 95% of their racers they're disqualified then those racers will find somewhere else to race their Bruggy.

I truly believe that the majority of people praising ROAR over the bodies are those who don't even race the truggy class.

I just talked to the track owner in my area earlier today and he's thinking about changing the name of the class to Bruggy just to appease the masses.
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Old or newer style they're both truggly.

Does one have an advantage or disadvantage if the shocks are covered, uncovered or have a "hood"?

Need to have a truck bed? Are you going to put your cooler back there or help your neighbor get rid of their unwanted fridge?

I don't race competitively but I find these things kind of dumb. Does the lexan body I put on my rc make it a buggy, truggy or sct? Is it the chasiss length and width, control arm length or power system?

Can these classes not be defined by wheelbase, track width, wheel/tire size, minimum weight, and max battery cell count? Does the body you cap it off with really matter as far as fair competition?

This is just to strike conversation. Should ROAR focus more on trying to define the minutia of the classes or the race formats regionally?
I believe nearly all modern Bruggy bodies have truck beds now.

Yes there is a distinct advantage with the Bruggy bodies because they have a lower center of gravity and less material so they don't parachute so they fly better and most importantly, the bodies aren't damaged nearly as quickly.

Old school truggy body might last 2-3 months and a Bruggy body will last a full year or longer!

From a performance and cost savings perspective, a Bruggy body is a no brainer for 95% of the racers who appreciate it for what it is.

Jared Tebo was once ranked the #1 world's fastest driver and here's his perspective related to his post showing all the old school truggy bodies he raced throughout his career:



Not a single one of the bodies that Jared Tebo posted in his pic resemble any full scale truck I've ever seen on the road in the first place!
I don't race on an actual track, and I appreciate a realistic looking body, but c'mon. No off road class looks like anything 1:1. It's purely driven by performance and practicality.

(Except SCTs. That's why I like them.)

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