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ET48 street on-road tires


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Hey all

What tires do you like for on-road and street use?

Anyone using the Arrma Kraton tires? Those are about 6.3in in diameter.

I have the Outcast tires for off-road use and they are pretty good. They are just a bit tall (I think 6.8in) which creates a slight gearing issue but other than that they are tough and perform well. Seems like Arrma sources decent tires.

Usually I run prolines but interested in what folks like using.



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That's pretty funny... thanks for sharing! If you hadn't said those were 'off road' I might have guessed those were the on-road tires.


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I found few people not so happy with Sweep belted onroad. Low grip and sometimes exploding on 6S. With adaptors you could use the 1/5 onroad tyres, they are cheaper more resistant and with more grip (depending on the compund), for example:

As seen in the pictures a couple replies above, i have Sweeps "offroad" wheels and tires, and while they really arent great offroad, they are awesome onroad. They will slide just enough to not traction roll unless im on really grippy pavement and turn really sharp off power. I would say they are by far the best on road 1/8 tires ive ever had for any of my buggies and truggies going back 25 years ro my Kyosho Inferno MP5 lol. Ive put probably 10 to 12 20 minute packs on them and they still have at least 85% tread left and abow zero signs of exploding or ballooning or failure in any way. I usually run 4s but am geared for around 55 to 60 mph, but have run a few packs on 6s at over 65mph. No complaints or issues at all. Im sold on them 100%.

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