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ET48 2.0 - Nose Piece keeps breaking


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So, I built this for bashing went to a local track to try it out and decided the kraton can keep bashing and I’m going to try out racing.

Few weeks later I have broken off the nosepiece/headlights nosecone whatever it’s called off. First screws pulled through it. Made a second laxan piece to sit behind the washers to reinforce and snapped off again.
This time for good, replacement it on the way.

I had it backed with some undercoating too, curious if others have had the same problem or it’s just me being prone to crashing.

It connects with such a small piece even with some reinforcement tape and undercoat not sure if anyone else has any clever ideas to prevent cracking these off.


Tekno RC Staff
Tekno RC Staff
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When you trim it out make sure the side that touches the tower is completely flat. You might need to go past the cut line (closer to the "front" of the nose) to do this. If it's not completely flat the screws holding it to the tower will flex the lexan when you tighten them down, eventually stressing it to the point where it cracks.

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