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ET48 2.0 6s motor question


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I am between 1515 or 1520 from castle and I have been going back and forth, haven't yet pulled the trigger!. I would like to be able to run 4s for club racing around and/or 6s for light racing with my friends (no motor limitation requirements as it will be on tracks and motocross tracks for fun) and some light bashing around.
Putting aside making adjustments for gearing changes between running 4s vs 6s..what is your guys favorite motor that can handle 6s?
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Thanks! Any recommendations on a 4074? I am not really sure on which is recommended these days.
Hobbystar 4074 from rcjuice.com. Get a new set of bearings and you are good to go!

The 4082 or 4092 are beasts but require ESC relocation. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend them.

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