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EB48 2.0 and Protek 170 SBL Servo

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Sacramento California
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EB410, EB48
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I recently bought a Tekno EB48 2.0 and am having a blast building it. It is a very smooth and easy build with one exception. I am running a Protek 170SBL servo ( https://www.amainhobbies.com/protek...high-speed-brushless-servo-ptk-170sbl/p507825 ).

Where the plug goes into the servo it is partially obstructed by the mounting posts for the ESC tray (TKR9065). I watched a build video on you-tube where the builder talked about having the same issue. He said he dremeled out part of the posts but did not show any pictures or give further information. Has anyone else run into this issue? Have any pictures? I really love the Protek servos and am looking forward to getting my sweet new ride on the ground.

Thank you in advance for any information you can provide.
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Sacramento California
Tekno RC's
EB410, EB48
Driving Style
Just in case anyone else runs into this in the future. I put the servo into the mount and marked (roughly) where I needed to open up the mount so the servo wires could come through on the inside of the mount nearest to the front chassis brace. I used a cone shaped 1/4 inch grinding stone to remove some of the material. I ended up using a dremel sanding wheel to finally get it to the right size. The hole was not as "pretty" as I would have liked but it can not be seen.

It is a tight fit for the servo wire, it touches the front chassis brace. I was able to route the wire along the back side of the servo, through the wire hold downs and into the receiver box. The wire is a little tight but shouldn't be too bad (not straining). I tried to wiggle the servo/esc tray once it was back into the vehicle and it seemed solid. I still have to test it under "working" conditions.


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I had the same issue with the KingMax B01S. Thankfully with a bit of light persuasion and rotation of the cable it fitted it. It was the rubber boot at the servo that the cables go through made it hard to fit.

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