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410SL Driveshaft a "no go"

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It's labeled properly, but I can see your confusion, it is for SCT410 or the EB48SL where both those platforms have been discontinued.

The SCT410SL is a completely different platform, more info here:

It was common knowledge that the SL was the SCT version of the EB48 for many years, but I can see how the / character was not enough to make it clear for you.

In the future I highly recommend referencing part numbers from the manual to double check compatibility as well as visiting the TEKNO website to confirm compatibility ;)
Thanks! Makes sense now. Much appreciated.
The following is what you want to see when looking for parts online....
Amain Hobbies

Fierce RC Solutions...

Tower Hobbies is not what they used to be. Since Horizon Hobby took over, they pretty much lost me as a customer. They are not one of the first places I go to when searching for parts. Anyway, they both are lacking in their descriptions, and I can certainly see the confusion their sites put people in...

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