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Differences - EB410 vs ET410 (light bashing only)


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Hi all,

Looking for some advice on EB vs ET410, but only for light-duty around the house / yard / street bashing.

I have read that the EB didn't get many running updates, so I'm wondering how things have turned out now. How much difference is there between the EB and the ET besides the very obvious (arms, links etc such that the width is different)?

My driving use cases are mostly going from the street out front to the backyard, and if I had to pick, I'd like something that was more fun on the street at the expense of some off-road handling (I have plenty of heavy-duty off-road machines, like the ET48).

Any thoughts? Any benefits for either platform for light bashing?


Billl DeLong

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Austin, TX
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For a street warrior I would go with the EB410 with Duratrax Bandito's (Front and Rear) if you plan on making lots of speed runs, the narrower track width will give you more stability.

If you plan on doing lots of jumps, then the larger ST wheels for the ET410 will give you better jump handling and extra cushion on the landings. The ET410 will give you more clearance for off-road handling in the back yard and be more likely to self marshal yourself by staying on the throttle when on your lid to easily get back on all 4 wheels without having to do the walk of shame to go over and flip your car back over.

No matter what, run Bandito's on the street and a set of quality off-road tires for the backyard, don't waste your money on just 1 set of "all-purpose" tires that will just suck in both conditions. You need a medium compound tire with smooth treads for street and soft compound tire with pins for off-road.


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Bill, thanks so much! I am leaning towards the EB for now....

Are there any parts that were updated on the ET, and not on the EB, which I will particularly miss?

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