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$$ Dif between Et48 and ET410

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Blue Herron

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Just kind of curious about the price dif between these 2 models.
Is it just the size?
Are there more standard upgrades on the ET48?
Just getting ready to put paint on my ET 48 body. Actually the Leadfinger body.
I guess I’ii have a better feel for my question when the ET 48 arrives theoretically on Monday.
The ET48 2.0 kit is about $220 more that the et410.2. 1/8 scale electronics/wheels and tires are usually more expensive, but it depends on what you put in it. Et410 typically runs on 2s where a et48 runs on 4-6s.
Here is a comparison between the et410.2 and MT410. The ET48 will be about 2 inches longer than the MT410
Got it
Thanks for the reply
I sure appreciate the kit quality of the ET48 and look forward to getting the 410
My ET410 has a hobbywing XR10 Pro paired with a 4300kv motor and it absolutely flies around the track.

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