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Center DIFF


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Hi, the EB410 2 manual says to use 30k oil for the center diff. My question is TLR 22x 4 elite @ 500K and Assc. RC10B 74.2D @ 200k for the center diff why does the EB410 2 recommend such a lower Diff oil? Why is there such a big difference between the cars.
The EB410 was designed for low grip dirt where the lower the grip the lower viscosity you need.

Most 13.5 wheelers are designed for high grip carpet where you need 500K to lay down the power to get phenomenal corner speed.

I struggled to get my EB410 to perform well at the local turf track in my area. Many custom parts were once available from VRP to get the geometry a little better and yes I ran 120K in the center for this track condition, but I would ultimately learn that the EB410 was not a solid performer for carpet/turf:

What does short grass count as ? Medium ?
Assume concrete/tarmac is high grip, just like carpet ?
grass would be high grip, non prepped concrete would be low grip, but if you blow off dust and spray the concrete with grape soda using a bug spray bottle it can become high grip, especially if you sauce your tires with PB Blaster ;)

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