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48 2.0 Center Diff Protective Cover Needed


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If I had a 3D printer, I know the first thing I'd attempt at making would be some sort of protective shield/cover for the center diff. I've searched for anyone that has a cover made for the 2.0, and came up with nothing. Until then, I'll continue to run my lightened (sarcasm) center diff as is, or, at least, until I get my new spares in the mail...

Billl DeLong

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Send me the design and I'll print you one for $5+shipping/fees... I have a 3D Printer, but I don't have the time to design/model it for you.


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Is the damage to the center diff case caused by rocks? What is getting caught in there?

I don't have 3d design skills so on other vehicles I've used kydex, which is easy to melt with a heatgun, to form shields. You can get a surprisingly good outcome with a small rectangle of kydex, melted into shape, and trimmed a bit.

Of course a 3d printed part would be superior in most cases.


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Me personally, I would find an aluminum/steel center diff case that fits. If you try to cover it up and a rock finds a way in, it will never come out. Plus I don't like covering up the whole center diff/spur either, I want to be able to see it and/or feel the mesh.

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