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Carpet setup & Slipper


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Greencastle, PA
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  1. EB410
  2. ET48
  3. ET410
  4. MT410
  5. SCT410
Driving Style
Has anyone tried a slipper on carpet? Is it a lost cause to try and be competitive on carpet?


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I know this is a fairly late reply but oh well. I remember there was a 3rd party mount for the original 410 to use a B74 slipper but im not sure if its still around. I run my 410 on astro and use 60k in the center diff and it works pretty good.

As for being competitive on high traction its an uphill battle for sure. The main struggles are ride height and weight. There was a company in the UK making shock towers that allowed you to get the car nice and low but they arent produced anymore sadly. My local track is very bumpy for astro so the ride height isn't as big of a deal.

For club racing its definitely a workable platform and I have had a blast with mine. Especially since I crash a lot the durability is a big plus haha

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