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For Sale Arrma Driveshafts CVD (Talion) Tekno Conversion Kit. Hexes, Pins Retain Rings


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Set of Arrma Talion CVD driveshafts. This kit includes the Talion front CVD’s and driveshafts.
This was fitted to my Tekno so also included is a set of Serpent hexes and pins as well as retaining rings and washers. In order to fit onto a Tekno you need to fit 8x16x5 bearings on both the inner and outer of the hub.
This kit was pretty expensive and took a while to collect all of the necessary parts. Just the Arrma parts cost over £80! Total value around £120.
Also included is a rebuild kit for the driveshafts, which included new pins and barrels.
The parts are used as can be seen but they are in good condition, I can take more photos up close to show this upon request.
Please see below for more info:

Price is £60 postage in UK £2.99



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