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+2mm shock standoffs

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How does the +2mm shock standoffs affect the 48 2.1 compared to the stock ones. If you do use them should you change the back and front together?
The +2 shock standoffs increase the angle of the shock in relation to the arm. In use this adds more support to the car. So If you install them on the rear tower the car will squat less under acceleration and overall have a slightly stiffer feel. The feeling is similar to increasing antisquat but I would say is less of a change. In the front it's interesting because they help support the car under braking but they don't make the car feel too stiff. The car will still go through bumps well. Most of the team runs the +2 on the front, 0 on the rear everywhere. If the track is smooth +2 or even the +4 on the rear can be useful.

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